Do You Have What It Takes to Change the World?

Many people long to play a part in transforming our society and our planet.  Are you such a person?  Do you want to know what sets successful change agents apart from frustrated dreamers?  Find out now!

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Can You See the Path?

Can You See the Path?

Do you wonder what you’re meant to do with your life?  Do challenges stimulate your need for fulfillment and meaning?  This isn’t all there is!  You need a new way to live.  Come find the great purpose that awaits you!

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Do You Lead with Purpose?

Do You Lead with Purpose?

Most leaders long to leave a lasting legacy, to use their power to make a difference.  But day-to-day concerns overwhelm them and their vision remains unfulfilled.  Do you want to inspire your people and transform your organization?  Find out how!

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Sweeping the Temple

Opening the Sacred

Find out your connections and path to practical wisdom. Discover answers reliably from your most powerful sources of wisdom and guidance. Going beyond simple intuition, this method gives you detailed answers to your most important questions.

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Answering the Call

Answering the Call

What You Always Wanted to Know about Changing the World (but Were Afraid to Ask)

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Are You Meant to Change the World?

Many change agents and messengers never have the impact they are meant to have. Why? They lack the support and tools they need to create transformation on a large scale.

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Five Myths that are Destroying Business

by Tim Kelley

Amid all the sturm and drung about global financial markets and their regulation, it would be easy to miss the fact that the entire paradigm of modern business rests on a set of false assumptions.  To listen to many economists and business pundits, one would be tempted to believe that we have...

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Priority #1 for Change-Agents: Assemble Your Inner Wisdom Advisory Board


By Certified True Purpose™ Coach Tom Rausch

It is every human being's birthright to communicate directly with their Soul. For change agents, it is our duty. And if you really want to make a big impact, you should muster ALL of your inner wisdom...

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Success Story

CEO of The Invisible Close

The work that Tim Kelley has made available through the True Purpose Institute changed my life and my ability to impact and reach the world in my own unique way. 

The funny part is that Tim and I met because a client of his told him that he needed my coaching on how to sell without being salesy. As he described his business to me and the work he was doing in the world, it became clear to both of us very quickly that... -Lisa Sasevich,   Read More

Co-founder of the Spiritual Marketing Quest

In 2005 I was working at Microsoft as a top trainer, feeling dead inside and called to make a change.  That calling led me to get trained as a life coach, which I used my natural gifts and talents more fully than ever before.  But even after I built it, they didn't come.  I had mediocre success at building my business and attracting the right clients to my work … in fact, marketing felt more like... -Jeffrey Van Dyk, Spiritual Marketing Quest.   Read More

Ángela María Peña Luque
Certified Coach
Team Coach
Psychologist, M.A

I knew that I was called to go deeper with my practice as a coach in the theme of Life's Purpose. However, I never imagined the importance that this theme would have until I took my first True Purpose™ workshop that the coaching group organized  in Colombia with Tim Kelley.

It had such an impact on me that I decided to become certified and continue with... -Ángela María Peña Luque, COACHING GROUP LTDA.   Read More

Carolina Guevara Sanabria
Coach Ontológico
Directora ACP Región Caribe

I am here, in front of the computer thinking about what to write and what is coming to me is a "don't think about it so much, listen to yourself!… it is within you." And this, in reality, has been one of the many gifts that I have received from purposeful living: to befriend my fears, to stand up to those which no longer serve me anymore, and to listen from a deep love,... -Carolina Guevara Sanabria, .   Read More