The Gathering for Change Agents
Year Five:

Co-Creating the Global Collective

A no-fee virtual open-hearth circle
for those called to make a better world
With co-hosts Audrey Seymour, Beth Scanzani,
David Evans, and Danny Swanson
and guest hosts Tom Rausch and Chris Taylor


Are you touched by a deep, heart-felt calling to expand your impact and contribute your gifts to the global shift that’s emerging? If you're like most of us, you feel an ever-growing commitment to the highest service … and a bit daunted when you consider the magnitude of the changes needed for us to solve our global challenges. What would it mean to express the higher purpose of humanity that lies underneath al the divisions and polarizations?

You know that you can touch many more lives and it’s time to expand your reach. You’ve seen that the effectiveness of individual heroism is decreasing, and the power of the collective is ushering in a new era where connection, community and co-creation are key. Yet, parts of you may worry about the risks involved in committing to a collaborative calling. How do you answer your soul's calling while honoring what matters most to you personally?

It’s time to heal the illusion of separate lives, and acknowledge that we will solve humanity's current challenges by shifting into the perspective of global consciousness.



Join with other purpose-driven people at the Gathering, where together we can accomplish much more than any one of us can alone. Expand your view of who you are and what you can achieve. Break through the false barriers and release the freedom that is yours, in service to healing, wholeness and full expression of all that we are.

Imagine the impact and contribution that will emerge when you:

  • Unfold a map of the inner requirements necessary to make a bigger impact.
  • Learn practical ways to align your outer game with your increased inner harmony.
  • Integrate your longings to be part of the larger whole with your desire to be a unique individual.
  • Clarify the tools you will need to master the challenges and embrace the opportunities as they appear on the path.
  • Receive support in heart-felt community to fulfill your mission.
  • Enjoy the rewards of helping others as you share your wisdom and best practices.
  • Enlarge your circle of potential collaborators who share your passion and mission.

Event: The Gathering: A change agent community call
Date: The first Wednesday of each month
Time: 12-1:30 pm Pacific Time, 3-4:30 pm Eastern, 2-3:30pm Colombia, 10-11:30 pm Israel,
7-8:30 pm GMT* , 5-6:30 am (Thursday) Sydney

*This GMT time does not take Daylight Saving Time into account. If your country is on Daylight Saving Time, add an hour.

Past Speakers and Topics in Our Gathering Archive Include:

  • Tim Kelley on “Power, Authority and Leadership in the New Paradigm”
  • Lee Glickstein on “Speaking From Stillness: The Art of Relational Presence”
  • Mary Reynolds Thompson on “Writing as a Change Agent: Healing Self and World Through the Power of Your Words”
  • Elizabeth Bader on "Multidimensional Conflict Resolution: Aligning with your True Self"
  • Mark Silver on "The True Purpose of Marketing"
  • Rick Hanson PhD on "Empathy, Autonomy and Intimacy”
  • Rich Tafel on "Overcoming the Polarization of Society: Engaging Different Values Systems to Shift the World Forward"
  • Carista Luminaire on "Attachment, Separation and Integration: the Essentials of Me and We"
  • Claire Sierra on "Integrating the Masculine and the Feminine"
  • James Baraz on "Compassionate Action in the World"
  • Lion Goodman and Nina Potter on "Global Belief Relief"
  • Paul Zelizer on “Creating an Engaged Conscious Community Through Social Media.”
  • Patricia Albere on “CREATIVE UNION: Emergence of the Higher We.”
  • Stephen Dinan on “Activating a Sacred World View to Fulfill our Collective Mission.”
  • Jeffrey van Dyk on "Healing core wounds in service to both ME and WE”
  • Mary Reynolds Thompson on "Rewilding the Soul: Integrating the Earth Archetypes"
  • Martin Rutte on "Project Heaven on Earth: The Time Has Come"
  • Carter Phipps, co-founder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution on the topic of "An Evolutionary Approach: Living in the Adjacent Possible".

Upcoming Speakers and Topics Include:

  • May 3 - David Nicol on "Subtle Activism: Deeper Magic for a World in Crisis"

If you are called to join us, enter your information in the box above right and sign up for these monthly calls. You’ll receive calling information, reminders, and your study materials.

Change agents of all kinds from multiple communities have been meeting the first Wednesday of every month since Fall 2012 in a virtual open-hearth circle of community, learning, and shared growth. The purpose of this Gathering Circle is to support you in mastering the challenges and embracing the opportunities that you face in building a better world that works for everyone!

The first year of the Gathering was a 12-month course, based on Tim Kelley’s foundational article Inner Requirements for Change Agent Success. Every month stands on its own, and you will receive Tim's educational document plus the audio archives of all previous meetings when you register.

The second year of the Gathering was focused on aligning your outer game with your inner truth -- it's about embodied essence in action. You will also receive Audrey Seymour’s article 12 Requirements for Embodied Action and access to year two archives when you join us.

Our third and fourth years we explored the theme of Integrating the Inner and Outer Collectives: The Dance of “Me” and “We.”

Each month we have a guest expert to start the conversation on one of the requirements, then we break out into small discussion groups to share insights, and wrap up with a final discussion in the larger group, before sharing recommended resources on the topic. You are also invited to stay after the call to continue the conversation in community – we keep the lines open.

If you know you are called to join us, then enter your information in the box on the right and sign up. We look forward to being with you soon!