Clarify Your Purposeful Path

Are you a change agent who feels called to make a better world? Are you feeling dissatisfied, knowing that there is more you can do for your clients, to touch them at a deeper level?

If you know your purpose and are guided by a trusted source of inner wisdom, it is natural to feel the tug to continually have a bigger impact in the world. Yet, fears, doubts and conflicting priorities keep you from seeing the clear way forward to fulfill your mission.

If this is you, we invite you to join True Purpose™ Institute trainers Audrey Seymour and Chris Taylor, and founder Tim Kelley for our no-fee teleconference to:

  • Connect with fellow change agents
  • Share the inspiration of your purpose details in community
  • Reconnect with your higher guidance live on the conference to clarify your most purposeful next steps
  • Learn whether the True Purpose™ Coach Training is purposeful for you right now

This call is over, but if you sign up using the form to the right, you will receive the audio recording of the call. To check out all the details for the True Purpose™ Coach Training course, click here.

Event: Clarify Your Purposeful Path
Date: Thursday March 13th
Length: 1 hour, plus Chris and Audrey will stay after for those who wish to talk further
Audio download: Available afterwards to those who have registered.

If you can’t make it live, you will still be able to receive the full benefit of the call with the audio recording, which will include the step-by-step instructions for the guided interaction with your trusted source of inner wisdom.

To register for this call and receive calling details, simply complete the registration form on this page and join our list.

We hope to see you there!

In shared purpose for a better world,
Audrey, Chris and Tim