Neuroscience Nomenclature & Dialoguing with Innate Wisdom
for the Corporate Audience: A Self-Paced Training

Also known as QuickConnect

A TPI and UMAMI™ Collaboration



Thank you for your interest in Neuroscience Nomenclature & Dialoguing with Innate Wisdom for the Corporate Audience: A Self-Paced Training! This program was created to meet demand from coaches and consultants who use the True Purpose® process and other forms of depth work with their clients. This method, which is both rapid and deep, takes advantage of Gina Maria Mele’s training and research in neuroscience to create connections with sources of inner wisdom.

Here are a few of the benefits of the course:

  • Creates a relatable, scientific platform for your message
  • Makes it easier for you to meet your audience where they are
  • Enables your corporate or agnostic audiences and clients to feel safe while engaging
  • Allows you to create a connection to a trusted source, in yourself and your clients, almost instantaneously, without having to do permission work first!

Here are the course specifics:

  • Self Paced Training: Neuroscience Nomenclature & Dialoguing with Innate Wisdom for the Corporate Audience:
    A Self-Paced Training
  • 4 weeks worth of valuable material
  • Cost: $50 USD

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Neuroscience Nomenclature & Dialoguing with Innate Wisdom for the Corporate Audience: A Self-Paced Training is a 4-week program that will be delivered to you via emails, audio recordings and homework assignments. Here is brief summary of what you can expect:

Week 1

  • Listen to the introductory call
  • Review the Word documents
  • Listen to recording #1

Week 2

  • Homework exercise: To practice on yourself and train others to do the Dialoguing with Your Inner Wisdom Technique.

Week 3

  • Listen to recording #2
  • Homework exercise: Practice teaching others to do the Dialoguing with Your Inner Wisdom Technique. Document how you time the exercise. Fine tune your teaching skills.

Week 4

  • An email will be sent to you with suggestions of how to move forward after this training

Of course, because this course is self-paced, you can choose to go through the material either faster or slower than this. This is just the pace we recommend, and we will send you email reminders oriented to this timing. For the price of $50 USD you will be receiving a month’s worth of material and powerful tools to help benefit your organizational clients.

I look forward to you enjoying and benefiting from this information. Most importantly, I am excited to see how it helps to grow your practice and benefits your clients!

Gina Maria Mele, M.S.

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Gina Maria Mele


Gina is the co-founder of UMAMI. She is a neurobiologist and corporate consultant focused on executive leadership. She has expertise in the fields of neurobiology, mindfulness, human genetics, ontology, organizational belief systems, communication, Eastern and Native American philosophies and neural repatterning. She has woven these together to create customized leadership development and corporate team trainings. Gina's models, techniques and trainings have reached over 1,500 people world-wide, to enhance their leadership skills and maximize their innate potential. She has a Master's Degree in Systems Neurobiology from University of California, San Diego.

Gina's models, techniques and trainings enhance leadership skills and maximize her client's innate potential. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies and organizations in the following industries: aerospace, corporate consulting, education, environmental sustainability, healthcare, technology and tourism. Her international clients come from the following countries: Australia, Canada, Colombia, France, Israel, Japan, Korea, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

Gina has created a number of leadership models including: Whole Brain and WholeSelf. The Whole Brain model teaches corporate leaders how to quickly access and use the vast resources in their unconscious mind. Additionally, it enhances their ability to quickly vacillate between the right and left brain hemispheres, enabling maximized potential of both logic and creative brain centers. The WholeSelf model teaches leaders how to use their mind, body, emotions, innate wisdom and community to maximize their potential and enhance their team's performance.

Gina is the creator of QuickConnect. The tool you will learn about in this training.

She is also the creator of Choose Your Mindset. This five-step process reframes neural pathways. It permanently and quickly shifts a fixed mindset into a growth mindset. This changes reactive, unwanted behaviors into thoughtful behaviors one purposefully chooses.

To learn more about QuickConnect, Choose Your Mindset and five additional corporate trainings visit:

Gina has been an invited guest speaker for the Google campus in Seoul, Korea, the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Center in Seoul, Korea, the Education for Life Forum in Japan and the 3rd Annual, World Parliament on Spirituality International Conference.

Gina's Virtues: Respect, Trust, Collaboration, Relationships, Integrity, Intuition, Transparency, Gratitude, Global Impact, Commitment

Here is information about UMAMI:

Our website is: www.UMAMI.WORLD

UMAMI ::: Hone Self ∞ Create ∞ Collaborate ∞ Business Unusual

UMAMI brings positivity to the world by honoring your organization's most valuable asset: Your Employees.

UMAMI offers corporate training for B corps and other like-minded organizations. We invite you and your team to lead from your whole self, maximizing the wealth of your unconscious mind. Together we co-create a culture of innovation, positivity and human kindness. UMAMI specializes in using neoteric neuroscience-based tools, invented by the co-founders, to enhance professional acumen and access to one's unconscious mind. By combining these tools with EQ and communication training, we create team dynamics that represent the best of us as human beings. This establishes a vibrant and altruistic company culture.

To learn more about her work please visit the following social media sites:

Herliograph | June, 2016
LinkedIn | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA