True Purpose® Organizational Consultant Training Application


We look forward to welcoming you to the True Purpose® Organizational Consultant Training! This is your next step to joining a deeply dedicated community of certified True Purpose® consultants, who are committed to creating a better world by connecting groups, teams, organizations and other collectives to their trusted sources and higher purpose.

This application form is to confirm that you fulfill the prerequisites including training as a True Purpose® coach, experience aligning teams and/or organizations and trusted source approval to take this course.

Please respond to every question, even if briefly. It's not necessary to have complete answers for each one; this is just to help us adapt the training to everyone's background and level of expertise. It's recommended that you first capture your answers in a document and then copy them into the application, in case you get interrupted before you finish.

We’ll be in touch once your application is reviewed.

In service to a new way forward for humanity,

TPOCT instructors

Tim Kelley & Audrey Seymour




1. Please provide the following:

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2. Please describe briefly your expertise and experience delivering the True Purpose® Process, with individuals and potentially with groups of individuals. Also, when did you take the True Purpose® Coach Training, and with whom?

3. Please describe briefly your relevant expertise and experience aligning teams or organizations, such as the Collaborative Operating System™, Appreciative Inquiry or other whole-system collaboration processes.

4. Please describe briefly any other experience or trainings that are relevant to organizational purpose consulting.

5. Please provide your purpose statements and purposeful marketing statement(s) (if any).





Purposeful Marketing Statement(s) (if you have any)

6. Why is the True Purpose® Organizational Consultant Training purposeful for you?

7. What are your ego reasons for wanting to take the training?

8. What does your trusted source say, specifically, about your participation in this training? Name your trusted source, and please quote it exactly without changing any of the words.